The New Jersey State Fair
Sussex County Farm and Horse Show
2021 Open Vegetable Show Entry Form
Exhibitor Name: Did you exhibit last year?
Address: Yes
Town, State, Zip: No
Phone: Our Contact Information
eMail: (ensure it is correct or you will not receive a copy)
Select from the dropdown in the yellow column to make your selection. If you have more than 15 entries, check the box below to open up additional rows. REMEMBER to add your variety name in the blue column.. Variety Name
Do you need more rows to add additional entries? (rows 16-25) YES NO
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Sections # / Section Fee Make check payable to:
# of HER, VEG, GAR, EDI, BAS entries $10.00 FLAT FEE NJ State Fair
Mail to: NJ State Fair
Great Zucchini (ZUC) $3.00 each PO Box 600 Augusta, NJ 07822
Scarecrow (SCA) $5.00 each PLEASE PRINT OUT THE EMAIL YOU WILL RECEIVE. Forward printout along with your payment to the Fair Office.
# of CHI or CHB entries no charge
# of VEG, HER, GAR, BAS, EDI Entries (chargeable)
Fee for VEG, HER, BAS, GAR, EDI Office Use
Fee for Scarecrow if applicable: (all SCA entries must be submitted by 7/15)
Fee for Great Zucchini if applicable:
Which day will you be dropping off your exhibits? (defaults to Friday) Fri 8/6 Sat 8/7
Do you wish to receive ribbons with your premium check? (defaults to Yes) Yes No
Do you wish to donate** your vegetable & herb entries to a Local Food Bank at the end of the Fair? (if you do not wish to donate, check NO. You may pickup your veggie/herb entries between 12 noon - 2 pm on the Sunday 8/15/2021 along with your premium check). All unclaimed entries as of 2 pm on Sunday 8/15/2021 will be donated. (defaults to Yes) Yes No
**ALL GARLIC, BASKETS & HERB POTS will be available for you to pickup and will NOT be donated!
I have read and agree to the rules and regulations as set forth by the IAFE. I agree to leave my exhibit(s) on display until Sunday, August 15, 2021 or premiums will be forfeited.
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